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Consulting and Advisory

We cater to your crucial needs of technical assistance, human capital investment, and other business challenges. We provide you with the expert-driven digital solutions that are simple and sophisticated for modern market challenges.

Software Implementation

We help you grow your business by providing highly customized software tools that are leading the digital transformation. We support a diverse range of technologies and platforms that can radicalize your position in the market.

Expert Training

We help you with the best learning resources and teams that ensure an impactful learning experience along with a potential improvement in your business performance. We can custom design your training sessions to deliver idealistic results.

The Industries we serve


We are into providing the best agile solutions to transform the industry practices into optimum solutions and help them thrive in the overwhelming digital world.


Our consultants will help you with incorporating more digital solutions and technology provisions in the existing system and improve the operations infrastructure.


10Bits’ industrial professionals guide the manufacturers and industrial personnel with the complex business issues of the vulnerable industry landscape.

Banking & Finance

Our team of specialists will help clients in analyzing the market moves, addressing the implementation challenges and reforming the existing dynamics.

Energy & Utilities

We offer powerful insights into the current energy industry and help our clients reform their business strategies to deal with the demand-supply gap.

Retail & Commerce

We assist our clients in predicting the uncertainties and formulating the befitting roadmaps to attain a balanced trade and meet today’s consumer demand.

We look forward to doing great things

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How We Work

Knowing our Customers
We first know our customers. We sit with them to understand their requirement, analyze the existing workflow, identify the loopholes in the current infrastructure, find the deadline and start devising the solution. We believe in crafting their vision carefully.
Technology Expertise
Team of our technology specialists formulate the right digital equipment or tool to attain the transformation desired.
Market Trends
Diversified business trends and varying industry landscapes will be thoroughly studied by our industry consultants to lead our clients to the most relevant perspective with digital solution.
Thinking Future
The major digital transformation adopted will be future-proof, as we always focus on the long-term implications of the sophisticated software and business solutions considered.
Business Model
Our seasoned advisory with a deep understanding of the business infrastructure, will devise the optimized solutions that enhance the speed, efficiency, flexibility and scalability of the system.
Customer Relations
The resilience and social regulatory solutions to globalize the network and improve the quality of customer service and satisfaction.

Training Course

Java Training Course

Java is the fundamental programming language used across abundant web-based and other devices/platforms in the world. It is one of the most matured languages that has been developed with robust internal libraries and application capabilities.

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DevOps Training Course

DevOps is the trending technological innovation in the IT industry, today. Improving the product lifecycle and reducing the time-to-market are the two main advantages of DevOps.

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Net Training Course

.Net has been a high-performance framework developed by Microsoft, as an open-source technology. It is built to develop websites, web services, mobile apps, IoT applications, cloud services, gaming systems, etc.

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Performance Testing Training

Performance Testing is the way of testing software applications and tools for its performance efficiency over various stress factors and edge cases.

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News and Insights

Why our consulting

We are a full service business development group – we build strategies and systems.

Global consumer insights

Rapid solutions to the most complex business challenges with cooperative process-driven.

Thought Leadership

A solution is proposed, from here you can action the plan with just outline assistance.


    Are you looking for any custom software development company in the USA? You have already landed on the right platform. 10bits is reputed as one of the biggest and best software development companies in the USA, 10bits gets you covered with all the exclusive business services you need, to enhance and transform your company to a brand-new level. All the tools and technologies, software platforms, and expertise here makes us an on-demand name if it comes to finding a reputable software development company in USA!

    Our Exclusive Tech Services for Your Business

    Here are the many corporate services that we cater to deliver with excellent quality, high speed, and great standards, that aids to turn your business to the top in the industry. As an added benefit, each of these software development services in the USA is precisely suitable for both budding or growth stage entrepreneurs as well as for the experienced and well-established corporate magnates and companies;



    Corporate Training Program: A Complete Guide

    Corporate training is a program that ensures the proper improvement and enhancement of employee skills through professional development. Newly employed candidates can acclimatize themselves with the work environment and job responsibilities if training is introduced at the beginning and specific to the concerned department. On the other hand, corporate training also enables the employees to

    Useful Tips To Build Your Online Corporate Training Strategy

    With most businesses and organizations tuning in for e-learning for their employees, the importance of online corporate training programs has grown exponentially in the last few years. However, it will be a mistake for businesses to just start with an online program for employees without proper strategy. That won’t do! To make sure corporate training

    Corporate Training Programs: 5 Common Mistakes in and How You Can Avoid Them

    In a fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, corporate training is essential so that employees can update their skills according to market standards. Corporate training ensures that employees can fulfill the organizational goals. But traditional methods of corporate training are no longer able to keep up with the requirements of the 21st century business world. A

    An In-Depth Guide to Staff Augmentation

    What happens when you have a task at hand and do not have employees with the relevant skill to deliver the task? You will hire! But not in a permanent position. This is what staff augmentation services are all about in a nutshell. More details about this effective strategy of conducting businesses is in the

    How IT Staff Augmentation Model Enhances Your Enterprise’s Growth?

    Inside Information Technology (IT), the time and money spent over finding any suitable engineer (s) for a given project are exhausting. It becomes much more challenging when your company’s team must be extended further. The only solution to resolve this tiresome recruitment process is to employ the system of staff augmentation. The following points will

    IT Consulting Services: A Complete Guide

    In today’s high-velocity data age, organizations must rethink how technology can make them more agile and flexible while ensuring complete protection. Top IT consulting firms can guide businesses to design and implement IT solutions that can manage and enhance the overall operations and performance. Organizations are still not aware of the worth of IT consulting

    Tips to Consider When Choosing the Best IT Consulting Firm

    The first question that pops into our mind is, why do we need IT consulting? The main reason for hiring IT consultancy firms is that they have expertise in solving software and any technology related problems. By hiring such firms, the parent companies can be tension-free about any tech problems that may arise in the

    8 Mobile Application Development Trends For 2021 You Should Know About

    This is the year that belongs to mobile apps. 2021 has already seen a lot of growth in the mobile app industry with more people having access to the latest technologies than ever before. Mobile app development services in USA will experience a peak where most businesses that take themselves seriously will have apps. Some


    The process by which software is designed, developed and deployed for a specific user for a specific purpose is known as custom software development. Custom software is not a commercial software product that you can buy readymade or free software.

    Professional software development services in the USA can help you find the most suitable custom software for your organization.

    IT Staff Augmentation software development is an example of customized software. You can develop IT staff augmentation software as per your organization’s needs so that you can increase the talent pool and stay ahead in the industry. 

    Being a custom software development company in the USA we can help our clients find the right solution for their business. To know more click here.

    The most common and essential technologies used to develop Customized software are:

    • JavaScript
    • Java
    • HTML
    • C++
    • Python
    • CSS
    • Blockchain
    • SQL

    The top industries that require custom software are:

    • Healthcare.
    • IT.
    • Finance.
    • HR.
    • Education and more.

    To help you get started our software development services in the USA can find you the best custom software solution. Talk to us today and make the right choice for your business.

    The most notable benefits you get from custom software are:

    • Tailor-made your software that will provide industry-specific services.
    • Increase business productivity and also improve operations.
    • Every data is organized and safe that you can access at any time.
    • It is the best way to scale your business.
    • Easy integration with other programs.

    Find the best custom software development company in the USA or consult with our experts for detail.

    Choosing a custom software development company in the USA is no more a hectic process. Just follow our tips:

    • Be sure of your requirements.
    • Find online.
    • Check the company profile.
    • Read client’s reviews.
    • Know about the budget.
    • Know about the technologies they use.

    Still not sure? Contact us and we will help you.

    We promise to give you the most unique and custom software development services in the USA. We have a team of highly skilled professional software developers who are always ready to satisfy our clients with superior services. More than anything we are dedicated, hardworking, sincere and passionate about what we do. We respect the client's deadline and never compromise on quality.

    Not convinced yet? Just give us a call or visit us.

    We have the following services:

    • Application Development Services
    • IT Staff Augmentation Services
    • Corporate Training Programs
    • Application Maintenance & Support
    • IT Consulting Services Company
    • Project Management Services
    • Web Application Development Services
    • Mobile Application Development Services

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