Web Application Development Company in USA

Web Application Development Company in USA

The internet has been one of the uncompromisable parameters to consider when doing an international business or even for launching a start-up. In that broad sense, the process of web application development takes one of the chief roles.  For the uninitiated ones, a web application is a computer program, which will help you perform a specific function on the internet, much beyond the mere idea of just retrieving a new piece of information.

Right from Google Docs to Netflix, these are numerous web applications created all over the globe. A few reasons why the service of web application development is considered important for today’s businesses is that these digital programs can be tailor-made as per the organization and can be adapted for a particular target – be it increasing your productivity or for better branding your company.

That being said, web application development in the USA is specifically done with great quality, high security, and at a faster pace, right from the hands of experienced web developers and tech-savvies, only from 10bits!

Web Application Development Company in USA

Continuous alignment with creativity and digital diversity to lead the change!

Our Extensive List of Services Online

From telecom and banking to healthcare and retail, 10bits caters to deliver web application and web development services for several clients and businesses. Our highly secured and personalized digital solutions are usable/enjoyable for your customers/consumers across gadgets – tablets, mobile phones, personal computers, or laptops. Check out our exclusive online services that can match our requirement (s);

I. Web Application Development

In close association with various business partners to date, we provide web application projects for your needs, with promising results, with regards to scalability, performance, and security;

  • Responsive Web App Development:

If you would like to give a rich UX without compromising on tech convenience, then go with our responsive web app development service package. Here, you can get the benefit of designing an app that can be accommodated to any screen size and device. Note that since the number of smartphone users is drastically hiking every day, we go with the “mobile-first” principle and then customize the app based on your sole preferences.

  • Personalized Web App Development:

Also referred to as Bespoke web apps and customized solutions, our personalized web app development is your must-needed if you have a specific pain-point or target in mind. With this service, you can resolve any particular issue in your organization or build an app for a specific factor. These applications are also designed and developed after performing thorough market research of your target audience, to give them genuine solutions.

II. Web Development Services

Building and maintaining a website is a great boost for your business. With 10bits, you can get the following bunch of services, with a combination of 2 or more as well;

  • Enterprise Web App Development:

Based on the precise analysis of your existing business environment, enterprise web app development refers to the service of creating apps for that “enterprise-level corporations.” to ensure flexibility, we build apps only through low code application development platforms; but not compromising on quality or user experience at any cost.

  • Application Integration Services:

The idea behind application integration services is to enable independently designed applications altogether for better efficiency. Businesses that target agility and better performance can make use of this particular service.

  • End-to-End Development:

Get ready to eliminate the use of middlemen in your business by choosing our end-to-end development service. Most of the information technology sectors rely upon this service package. This service helps optimize your business’s performance and efficiency with stability as well.

  • Custom Web App Development:

With our custom web app development service, our team can give you a top-notch website; that is not only super fast or great in the user interface (UI) but is also committed to avoiding any unnecessary glitches and incompatibilities. With the custom feature, you can even automate your day-to-day business operations much more efficiently.

  • Cloud-Based Web Application:

If your business wants to cut down certain processes, namely hosting, maintaining, and/or upgrading servers, then simply utilize our cloud-based web application. Here, you are liable to pay only for the rented space over the hosting server, hence you can save better operational costs.

  • Quality Assurance:

Whether it is about gauging the user interface (UI) or just fine-tuning the user experience (UX), our QA processes involve extensive testing and rigorous error-fixing phases. Not only do we concentrate on delivering solutions that satisfy our clients, but we also prove results that can help you give the best for your own customers or users.

One reason why we are still the best in the US is because of the long-term relationships that 10bits holds with many business domains and companies. We help you not only during the web development service period but rather our professionals will give you the right tips and strategies even after the page or site goes live on the web.

We Expertise in the Following Areas

As one of the biggest agencies for web application development in the USA, 10bits extends its expertise to the given range of platforms and frameworks. Find your suitable requirement and we will get your needs covered with the best accuracy and quality;

Front End

We are proficient in creating some of the most appealing and highly intuitive web applications for your business, using  Foundation, ReactJS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, EmberJS,  MeteorJS, Backbone, and languages such as;

  • HTML
  • Sass
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • Angular


With the utilization of frameworks such as Django, Spring, Zend Framework (for legacy web app maintenance), Laravel, Symfony, Pyramid, ASP.NET,  Express, we offer backend development services that are both convenient and customizable as per your needs. Some of the programming languages that we use here include;

  • NET Web API
  • Laravel
  • Spring
  • Spark


Other than the regular SQL and NoSQL databases, we also use the following given 4 prime integration channels, to only assure you professional assistance for your existing database server;

  • Firebase
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL


Here are some of the other tools and technologies that we make use of for matching your business requirement with our in-house web and app development services:

  • Google Analytics
  • Flurry Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Keen IO

Why You Must Hire 10bits Over Others?

With the advent of technology and business development, you can find so many companies on the internet, when it comes to web application development services. However, choosing the best one matters a lot, only for the benefit of your organization. Owing to that, you should hire our expertise over others because:

  1. We guarantee 100% satisfaction as our services will accurately match your business demands.
  2. Being competitive in this industry is vital for your business and so, we have faster and expedited service for your enhanced market presence.
  3. The team here provides relentless tech support and assistance on all the services offered here, even after the project gets over.
  4. It is not ideal to give your project to an amateur since you cannot get rest assured of the quality. Being an experienced player, we have handled so many clients and 10bits knows the industry better than the rest.

Thus, with no further delay, do contact the experts here at +1 972-833-7455 or mail in your queries to info@10bits.com and our team will get to you at the earliest!

Why Do Clients Call Us Unique?

Our clients call us unique because we collaborate with them extensively to find IT solutions which are just right for their setup. Our futuristic approach and the continuous innovation in Information and Technology have empowered many organizations in process improvement (PI) and embracing solutions which will be relevant in the days to come.

Why Choose Us?

We offer the best IT solutions at the most reasonable prices. Our success rate with our current clients makes us win more business from the same companies and the newer ones just get added to our bouquet.

Every time new technologies appear, the companies need to train their existing workforce to ensure they are aware of it. Our state-of-the art training programs will ensure that your employees have the right skill sets to achieve higher productivity, profitability, sales, market share, and customer retention.

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A web application program is a type of software development that resides on a web server. This type of application cannot be downloaded and can be only accessed through the internet connection. 

Looking for excellent web application development services in the USA? Click here.

Web development is the creation of a website for specific users. Web development includes front-end and back-end development, website maintenance, content development and management and more. You will need professional web development services in the USA to create a functional and impressive website.

The most common technologies that web application services in the USA use to create web app are:

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • JavaScript.
  • Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  • jQuery 
  • MooTools 

After evaluating client’s requirements and business goals, professional web developers will come up with a very adaptable, scalable and secure web application. A modern web application must focus on user’s experience, speed of the application, security factor and the maintenance.

If you wish to discuss more about web application and find the right solution for your organization, talk to us.

To choose the most suitable technology for your web application you need to understand the type of web application you need. Depending on your business which can be an eCommerce site or a content management site, the technology will vary. To get a detailed understanding of what will work best for your business, talk to our expert web app developers.

10Bits is a trusted name that has been providing web development services in the USA. We are always ready to listen to you and find the most reliable solution. Just let us know about your business goal and we will create a fully customized and responsive web app. Browse through our service page to know more.

  • Get a customized and impressive website.
  • Have an expert team for website maintenance.
  • Professionals keeping your web pages SEO-friendly.
  • Fast and convenient work.
  • Saves your time and effort.

In short, a fine website means easy navigation, more engagement, better reputation and popular brand identity.

To deliver a more value-added digital experience to your customers

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