Mobile App Development Company in USA

Mobile App Development Company in USA

Can you imagine a future without smartphones? Well not. Today’s global trend evolves and revolves around the usage of our mobiles for anything and everything. Right from ordering foods to booking an online medical consultation, this generation is the epitome of technological development. But all these goals were met only because of the trend called mobile application development.

With so many apps in the Apple Store and Play Store, businesses of this gen are holding a competitive advantage over others in the market. Not only this, but companies can indeed generate higher revenue from their digital product to their users. In that stance, we at “10bits” is deemed as the best mobile app development company in the USA, to offer services at the first-grade quality, high transparency, and most importantly, by adhering to all the design standards of the contemporary industry.

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Who Can Benefit from Our Mobile App Services?

In the advent of our mobile app development services in the USA, more than 200 clients have been advantageous of our solutions and now they are fore-runners in their own sectors. So, as a company, even you can avail of the best perks from  iOS and android app development company in the USA, if you are under any of these categories:

  • For Startups:

Being new to the industry, you must now concentrate on increasing sales and revenue, plus making sure your target audience knows your name. For that, utilize our mobile app development package. This will give you the perks of fact presentation to the market plus your company’s product becomes accessible directly to the audience via an app.

  • For Small Business:

Now, small and medium-scale businesses are the ones that primarily emphasize our mobile app development services in the USA. Our solutions are truly a boon for your brand evolution, as we are in the job of aiding small businesses to boost their customer engagement, give the perfect online presence, and build an on-demand marketplace.

  • For Enterprises:

From the ease of maintenance and secured app data to improved customer relationships and better efficiency, numerous big shots of the industry today rely upon the expertise at 10bits for mobile application development. Besides customer delight/satisfaction, your company with a higher user base will indeed start to generate immense ROI than before.

The 6 Mobile App Development Solutions We Deliver

As one of the leading mobile app development companies in the USA, we understand what businesses really expect from their application development service. With more than a decade of experience in the field, our developers are capable of giving sound solutions that speak volumes for your organization. So, check out the 6 prime services we offer for clients and customers online through our expertise;

  • Android App Development:

With simple, super-fast page load speed, and secured functionalities, our Android app development service can help you get new users and retain existing ones too. A rich user experience (UX) and a highly intuitive user interface (UI) are both guaranteed from us.

  • iOS App Development:

Whether you want a dark mode product-based app or a light mode service-based solution, our iOS app development combo is here to get your business needs covered precisely. With app consistency, we assure better data storage capabilities.

  • Web Application:

Quite similar to the interface of a mobile app, we also provide web-based applications for businesses that target higher brand presence and awareness among the people. Our team ensures that your final web app has higher discoverability chances on the internet.

  • Consulting and Advisory:

With a huge pool of experienced and tech-savvy human resources, 10bits provides personalized tips and suggestions on short-term and long-term business requirements; using our specialists from business intelligence, market research, and data analytics.

  • Software Implementation:

The notion of adopting and/or integrating a new software app into your existing business workflow can be time-consuming and challenging as well. But with us, this software implementation process could turn swift and seamless, as we have years of experience.

  • Expert Training:

Sometimes, the client or your own company’s technical query might be a concern for you. For such cases, make sure that your entire business is knowledgeable and insightful about the nooks and corners of mobile app development with our expert training programs right at your place and convenience.

Here are Industries that 10bits Serves

Reputed as the best mobile app development company in the USA and surrounding key locations, we at 10bits are compliant to deliver mobile app development solutions that are an excellent match for the following set of industries and business domains;

  • Telecommunications – 5G, mobile apps, IoT, or automation.
  • Healthcare – Built for surgeons, individuals, physicians, nurses, or specific tasks.
  • Manufacturing – Chemical industries, FMCG, Transportation, Pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Banking & Finance – Commercials, Insurance, Agri-based, and more.
  • Energy & Utilities – For areas of electricity, gas, water, and related resources.
  • Retail & Commerce – Internet businesses, franchises, SMEs, and startups.

This is How We Work - Our App Development Process

Being a key industry player when it comes to mobile app development companies in the USA is not easy and one of the credits we give goes to our transparent working strategy. Considering your business requirement for a mobile application development service, we adhere to the following given steps of order;

  1. Your requirements and needs are first analyzed by our team.
  2. The UX and UI components are primarily jotted down.
  3. The sketches and wireframes are then converted into actual prototypes.
  4. Our app development team will work on the same to furnish the results.
  5. A special quality assurance step is undertaken for delivering an error-free app.
  6. We will deploy the app from our end to yours.
  7. Further support and maintenance on the application are also provided.

Our 2 Standard Engagement Models

Sometimes your company might not have a proper vision about their project. Also, there are times where your business might have multiple requirement (s) simultaneously. For such differing missions, our iOS and Android app development company in the USA follows 2 standard engagement models that can benefit your business:

  1. ixed Cost Model – If you have the perfect objective or vision for your app development process, then go with the fixed cost model. Here, we will put forth all the parameters such as scope, protocols, standards, timeline, project cost, etc. beforehand, and based on those aspects, you can then proceed further.
  2. Hire Dedicated Model – For businesses that are unsure about the ends of the project, or even have several requirements within 1 subject, hire our dedicated team of web developers, application managers, and technology consultants to complete your requirements seamlessly; moreover, you can also add on relevant customizations if needed.

Why Choose 10bits for Your Needs?

Here are a few solid reasons as to why your business can get the best benefits with 10bits over other companies;

    1. We promise some of the industry’s best user experience (UX) and user interface (UI); which your customers and users will love.
    2. Our development processes and systems are quite fast and ensure that your business does not have to wait at any step of design and development.
    3. Unlike the other agencies that charge extremely high app development costs, we have employed cost-effective pricing.
    4. All the tools and technologies we are specialized in are frequently upgraded and updated to the contemporary standards of the market.
    5. With extensive error-testing procedures and quality check controls, our mobile app development results are completely free of bugs and glitches.
    6. Last but not least, all the quality and precision delivery parameters are rightly highlighted from our expertise.

Wait no more, as we are ready to help your business with any mobile app development requirement. So, connect with our professionals at +1 972-833-7455. Additionally, if you would like to first get a personalized consultation or any suggestion regarding your app development query, then just mail in your doubts and questions at!

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Applications that are created for small devices such as smartphones and tablets or PDAs are known as mobile application development. The two most common platforms for developing mobile applications are Android and iOS. 

You will need professional mobile app development companies in the USA to customize a mobile app suitable to your business goals and purposes. Interested to know more? Click here.

Services that are focused on designing and creating responsive mobile applications are mobile app development services.

To get end-to-end services and client-specific solutions, check out our website and give us a call.

  • Make sure you search from reliable online sources for the best mobile app development company in the USA.
  • Check the company’s profile thoroughly and learn about their portfolio and services offered.
  • Ask for a free quote for your business and discuss the budget before you avail any services.
  • Learn about the experience and skills of the team.

If still unsure, we are there to help you.

A customized mobile app development has many advantages for both small and large businesses.

  • You have more customer engagement.
  • Increases brand awareness and creates a strong brand identity.
  • Better marketing and promotion of your products and services.
  • Direct communication between customer and company.
  • Healthcare.
  • Finance.
  • Entertainment.
  • IT.
  • Tourism & Travel.
  • Fashion and eCommerce.
  • Education.
  • Hospitality & Food service.

10Bits offers mobile app development services for startups, small businesses and large enterprises. Being one of the leading and professional mobile app development companies in the USAs we have the following services:

  • Android App Development.
  • iOS App Development.
  • Web Application.
  • Consulting and Advisory.
  • Software Implementation.
  • Expert Training.
  • To know more, contact us. 

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