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Leading a business firm, given all the variables of finance, operations, human capital and IT is challenging venture. Through 10Bits leaders, we guide the business firms to rightly design and implement solutions to strategically manage and enhance the operations and overall performance.

We are prowessed in diverse commercial ecosystems, with optimized products and solutions that help organizations to work cohesively and remain agile in the competitive environment.

it consulting companies in usa

Rely on our modern digital solutions for a business evolution!

Re-structuring the core competencies for accelerated growth

  • Powerful comprehensive digital solutions
  • Revamped operational strategies
  • Implementing automation for higher efficiency
  • Innovative techniques for a financial reboot
  • Simplified approach for complex industrial challenges

Our extremely delightful customer engagements ensure to make you feel at ease, to regress on the obstacles in the business growth. Our strong internal advisory and consulting team will devise personalized IT solutions that re-align your objectives with the market momentum.

Advantages with our IT Consulting services

IT consultancy services prove to be extremely beneficial for organizations. With access to specialized talent and a pool of resources to augment service standards, an IT consulting services company offers the following advantages.

  • Expertise – IT consultants are trained to deliver specialized services. With their deep domain knowledge and access to advanced solutions, they can easily create an IT roadmap for your organization.
  • Faster project completion – Trained IT consultants can complete tasks within stipulated time frames, ensuring project completion within tight schedules.
  • Potential cost savings – It is a cost-effective solution and companies need not hire full-time IT professionals to fulfil various IT requirements.
  • Skills transfer – IT consultancy services not only showcase their expertise during a project, they can also help to train any in-house staff about various procedures.
  • Reduced security risk – Security threats can be easily managed by IT consultants. Depending on the risk levels, mitigation strategies can be developed instantly.
  • Increased productivity – Engaging IT consultants for specific projects enhances organizational productivity. It allows internal teams to concentrate only on core business priorities.
  • Improved processes – Internal processes are largely improved by IT consultants. They can share training modules and use proven methods to achieve objectives.
  • An objective view – IT consultancy services can offer a completely different perspective to a company’s IT practices. They help to identify gaps and recommend solutions for further improvements in the IT infrastructure.
it consulting services company

Why Choose 10bits for IT Consulting Services?

10bits offers specialized IT consultancy services that are designed to fulfil your business objectives. We will create a strategic plan to understand your unique requirements. Our team will seek detailed information about your business processes and existing IT capabilities before offering customized solutions.

We Develop IT Strategies Based on Your Needs

To deliver superior quality IT services for your firm, we want to know what you would like to do for your organization. We would discuss the goals you are trying to achieve and accordingly plan your IT roadmap.

We Strive to Meet Your Objectives

At 10bits, your objectives are our priority. As reliable IT consulting firms in USA, we try to offer technology services that are completely attuned to your specific business needs.

We Offer Customized Solutions for Your Company

To add a new dimension to your business, you need to be technologically sound. We will deliver tailor-made solutions for your business, offering data insights, business application and cloud technology for your enterprise.

We Deliver Measurable Results

With us you can rest assured about getting measurable results. We are constantly trying to raise the standards of IT consulting by analyzing and improving our solutions.

Our IT Consulting Process

  • ANALYSIS – Before undertaking a project, our IT consultants will thoroughly study your existing IT solutions. They will analyze the ways in which it is utilized in your organization and aim to identify issues in the workflow or automation processes.
  • STRATEGY – A clear IT roadmap will be devised by our strategic consultants at IT consulting companies in USA to utilize the maximum benefit of advanced technology. We will help to make your software infrastructure clutter-free and set specific parameters for performance evaluation.
  • PERFORMANCE – As one of the leading IT consulting companies in USA, we aim to enhance your performance. To fulfil this objective, our experts will analyze workflows, evaluate performances and help to discover areas of improvement. The software engineers at 10bits will then design unique solutions to ensure better results.
  • IMPROVEMENTS – Our team of experts will help to implement advanced solutions for your enterprise.

What Technology Consulting Services Does 10bits Offer?

10 bits, one of the leading IT consulting firms in USA, delivers a complete range of IT consulting services for small as well as big enterprises. With us, you can rest assured about securing the best IT planning solutions. From security audits to compliance reviews, our team of experienced consultants utilize their deep domain knowledge to curate one-of-its-kind solutions for your enterprise.

  • IT Strategy & Planning – 10bits is among the most renowned IT consulting companies in USA and offers strategic IT planning services. We believe, these solutions can help you to adopt advanced technology and make your company future ready. Our consultants will thoroughly analyze and discuss your business needs to chalk out a plan for mapping your business objectives to short as well as long-term action plans.
  • IT Budgeting – Developing a realistic IT budget is a pre-requisite for fulfilling organizational objectives. Our consultants will take into account your existing assets and resources before offering estimations for additional technology costs. Based on detailed evaluations, an appropriate IT budget will be developed for your company.
  • IT Assessments – Our consultants conduct a comprehensive review of your existing IT infrastructure. They evaluate the effectiveness of current technology and identify gaps in your system. Based on thorough analysis, our experts provide a report mentioning the areas of improvement and recommendations for addressing inefficiencies in the system.
  • Security Risk Assessments – With rapid digital transformation, cyber threats have become a harsh reality. To avoid data breach and ensure maximum security of your systems, we offer comprehensive security risk assessments. It not only analyses the level of risk but also offers effective risk mitigation strategies.
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance – Regulatory compliances are often mandatory for organizations. We ensure compliance-readiness for our clients and carry out detailed gap analysis to identify risks. It enables companies to successfully adhere to a complete framework of compliance guidelines.
  • Mobile & Web Custom Application Development – Custom applications help companies to grow with speed and agility. We strive to offer simple solutions for complex procedures through automation and the use of advanced technology. Our team is also capable of developing tailor-made applications to meet your business requirements.

We Specialize in Latest Tech

To keep pace with digital transformations, IT consulting firms in USA constantly rely on emerging technology to deliver superior IT solutions. Our team will help you to adopt new technology and seamlessly integrate it with your system.

  • Block Chain & AI – Utilize machine learning to tackle complex Big Data and offer valuable insights.
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analytics – We collect necessary information to empower your business decisions.
  • Enterprise Application – With advanced tools to enhance efficiency of business processes, enterprise application can ensure organizational success.
  • RPA – Robotic Process Automation aims to reduce repetitive tasks and promotes productivity of human resources as well as machines.
  • Mobility – Enterprise mobility solutions empower people to perform tasks from anywhere and at any time.
  • Cloud computing – It offers sophisticated and cost-effective solutions for data storage and transfer, allowing productivity and agility in organizations.
  • Staff augmentation – To deliver better output, staff augmentation strategies are used to enhance the skillset of existing resources.

Why Do Clients Call Us Unique?

Our clients call us unique because we collaborate with them extensively to find IT solutions which are just right for their setup. Our futuristic approach and the continuous innovation in Information and Technology have empowered many organizations in process improvement (PI) and embracing solutions which will be relevant in the days to come.

Why Choose Us?

We offer the best IT solutions at the most reasonable prices. Our success rate with our current clients makes us win more business from the same companies and the newer ones just get added to our bouquet.

Every time new technologies appear, the companies need to train their existing workforce to ensure they are aware of it. Our state-of-the art training programs will ensure that your employees have the right skill sets to achieve higher productivity, profitability, sales, market share, and customer retention.

A cognitive approach to tackle the new-age challenges

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IT consulting companies like 10bits offer specialized IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. With rapid advancements in digital technology, companies need to stay abreast with changes. IT consulting companies can help to evaluate technology requirements and offer the best solutions to create an efficient IT strategy. They provide services ranging from cloud technology and network maintenance to cybersecurity and disaster management.

An IT consulting services company provides the perfect blend of professional knowledge and expertise. They can be extremely useful for completing complex projects. IT consultants are specialists in their area of operation and it helps them to enhance the efficiency and productivity of any project. It also enables project completion within strict deadlines.

Besides, the services offered by IT consultants are economical and can be accessed anytime. For companies, it is also a great way to concentrate on core business activities. As IT consultants continue to determine the best IT solutions for the firm, internal staff can focus only on business growth and achieve desired results.

No. There are no fixed limits for working with an IT consultant. Depending on your requirements, you can hire consultants for a day or for entire projects. Some companies also hire IT consultants for the long-term to constantly assist day to day operations. These consultants can also work in collaboration with existing IT staff. Many companies also prefer to hire IT consultants to accomplish complex tasks that cannot be completed by internal staff, especially if it has to be completed within strict deadlines.

As an IT consulting services company, we will try to determine your business objectives before designing the IT roadmap of your organization. After a thorough assessment we will assign a professional who perfectly matches your business requirements. Instead of choosing any IT consultant for your firm, we will take special care to fulfil your expectations.

IT consulting companies in USA cater to businesses of all sizes. It helps to enhance productivity and efficiency of your business by developing tailor-made solutions. So, whether you are a large Fortune 500 company or a small start-up, we have solutions to cater to your unique needs.

IT consulting firms in USA offer a vast range of IT solutions. IT consultants can help you with the following services:

  • Define areas of improvement in your IT strategy
  • Help to manage resources and time schedules
  • Analyze specific hardware, software and network requirements
  • Implement new IT systems
  • Initiate design, training and testing facilities

10bits, an IT consulting services company, has extensive experience of best technology practices. With our proven expertise and understanding of a constantly evolving IT landscape, we can efficiently analyze your requirements. 10bits can help to implement the best technology for your firm and deliver the most appropriate solutions for business success. We can help to plan your IT strategy, purchase software or hardware and install necessary information systems. 10bits can therefore, offer end to end IT solutions for your company. So, if you are trying to make significant technology investments, 10bits is here to offer the most innovative and efficient solutions.

10bits aims to empower its clients with necessary information. To enable informed decision making, our IT consultants offer different types of IT solutions to clients and explain its pros and cons in detail. This helps our clients to thoroughly understand each process and select the most appropriate IT solution for their firm. If you have any issues or have problem in understanding our IT plan, feel free to discuss it with our team of experts. We shall answer all your queries and design IT solutions that are perfectly curated to meet your business goals.

10bits has the professional capability to complement the expertise of your internal IT staff. Our team can carry out research, conduct needs assessment and help to implement procedures that are perfectly aligned to your business needs. With 10bits you can rest assured about quality service. Our staff will help you to complete projects that are too complex for you or those that you cannot accomplish on your own.

10bits caters to diverse industries. We offer smart solutions for Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail & Commerce, Banking & Finance, Energy & Utilities. Keeping in mind dynamic business needs and rapid technological advances, we strive to curate specialized solutions for different industry verticals.

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